About me

Learn more about what motivates me and where I come from.

At home in the North

Northern German serenity combined with affectionate openness, curiosity for the world and a pinch of the desire to see more have shaped me. Born in Hamburg, raised in Schleswig-Holstein – my feeling of being home has always been connected to the sea. May it be swimming in the Baltic Sea, breathing the salty breeze at the North Sea, long walks at the Alster or the watching the ships on the Elbe. Travelling is a pleasure for me, regardless if it is for a professional or private or purpose. I love discovering the variety of Europe and its cultures. But my heart always warms, when, after a long travel, I see the port of Hamburg in the distance. Then I know I am back home.

Passion for study and profession

After finishing school in 2009 I moved to Gießen in Hesse for my Bachelor degree. At the Justus Liebig University I studied history and communication studies. For my master in media studies I attended the Humboldt University in Berlin. Through internships and other avocational activities I discovered my passion for communication. Thus, after finishing my studies I started to work as a fulltime PR manager in 2015. At last I managed the communication team at the headquarte of a german mid-sized company.


The 2009 European elections were my first nation wide elections: I gave my vote to the FDP. I was convinced by their commitment to continuing European integration. During my studies I joined the party, got involved in educational politics and discovered my passion for European politics. In 2014, I was elected for the first time to the board of the European Liberal Youth (LYMEC). From 2018 to 2020, I was president of the association with about 200,000 members in almost 40 countries.

Close to my heart

During the last years I have visited more than 34 countries inside and outside the European Union and was able to get to know many young people and their stories. How similar our dreams, but how different our challenges are, has inspired and is the motivation for my policy. I am working for a Europe in which young people have equal perspectives regardless of their origin

Election to the European Parliament

At the beginning of 2019 I ran for the national electoral list of the FDP for the European elections as the primary candidate of the Junge Liberale and the FDP Hamburg. As the second candidate on the electoral list I was able to enter the election campaign for the Freie Demokraten.

On 26 May 2019 my passion and volunteer work for Europe became my passion and mandate for the European Parliament. Since than my four liberal colleagues and I are working to use the opportunities of Europe and to progress European integration.