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Svenja Hahn is Member of the European Parliament for the FDP and part of the Renew Europe group.

Svenja Hahn is Member of the European Parliament for the FDP and part of the Renew Europe group.

Close to My Heart

During the last years I have visited more than 34 countries inside and outside the European Union and was able to get to know many young people and their stories. How similar our dreams, but how different our challenges are, has inspired and is the motivation for my policy. I am working for a Europe in which young people have equal perspectives regardless of their origin.

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Because of my home in Hamburg as an Hanseatic town and my background as a daughter of two self-employed parents whole ad their own small company, the topic of trade has influenced me my whole life through. The single-market was the beginning of European unification and is a success story of the European Union, it has brought advancement and wealth and is still bears so much more potential for Europe. As a Free Democrat I strongly believe that trade is one of the best possibilities to strengthen international relations.

Youth Politics

For young people, Europe is a promise. The promise, to realize their dreams. As the president of the European Liberal Youth I have visited more than 34 European countries in the last years. Thereby I was able to meet many young, inspiring people and their stories. I espouse for equal opportunities for every young European regardless of their regional and social background.

Gender Equality

Politics need diversity and especially more women. Only with more diversity in parliaments we will be able overcome the questions and challenges of our time. We need a change in our society, women should experience more respect and less prejudices. Generally the combination of a career, private life and family has to become easier.



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